Subcontractor - COS - 5714 : SafeLinux Resident Software Engineer (m/f/d)

  • Ulm

Für unsere Cockpit Systems Abteilung (COS) in Ulm suchen wir einen SafeLinux Resident Software Engineer (m/w/d).


Provide support for German OEM for the Linux container bring-up and setup:
First container setup:
  • Demonstrating a first executable container configuration with a SILB, QM and a Libraries Container
  • Demonstrate capabilities of container engine and container orchestration
  • Starting/stopping of container
  • Demonstrate a communication between application within different container (SILB,QM) inter-container communication (i.e. domain sockets)
  • demonstrate a communication between application within the same container (SILB,QM) intra-container communication (i.e. shared memory)
Measure Timing of intra/inter-container communication:
  • Provide timing measurements about intra/inter-container communication with different communication mechanism (i.e. shared memory, unix domain sockets, multicast etc.)
  • requirements/use cases for measurements
  • how large the data packets / memory packets should be?
  • how many packets / memory packages should be used / exchanged?
  • which communication mechanism will be mostly used? -> assumption: somewhat balanced
Measure star/stop/restart timing of containers:
  • Provide timing measurements about the startup and stopping (i.e. restarting) of a single container as well as several container
Create show case for container in different "latency groups":
  • Configure two or more containers that are 'pinned' to a distinct latency group
  • Document the configuration steps
  • Definition of "latency groups": RT, Interaction, Standard and Background
  • Using systemd's unit type slice and statically assign CPUShares for each latency group
  • Combining this approach with the proposed container concept
  • DoD:
System should store kernel core dumps in persistency partition:
  • Use systemd-coredump to enable the proper core dump handling
  • Define a location on pesistency partition to store the data, where is not the persistency root. Some structure should be proposed
  • if possible dumps are stored in compressed format ( when this not cause a performance/reboot impact )
  • The location and the process to produce the information above should be documented


  • You have a university degree in computer sciences, electrical engineering, automotive engineering or similar.
  • You currently are an experienced software engineer or lead engineer and interested in developing a reliable software platform for safety critical systems, e.g. automated driving
  • You have experience in the automotive industry, especially in embedded software development.
  • Knowledge in ISO 26262 or IEC 61508
  • Experience in embedded Linux and Linux containers
  • Experience with yocto
  • Experience with the bazel build system
  • Experience in Automotive SPICE is a plus
  • You have knowledge about development processes and quality management.
  • Your demeanor is self-dependent and confident, and you are open to take responsibility.
  • You are solution oriented and keep track of your targets even in critical situations.
  • You have good intercultural and communication skills.


Für den Stundensatz sind (zur Orientierung) 63 EUR angesetzt und die Beauftragung sollte über ANÜ erfolgen.
Der Beauftragungszeitraum ist ab sofort für mindestens 6 Monate mit Option auf Verlängerung angedacht.
Die Hard- und Software wird von EB gestellt.