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Job title Location
Subcontractor - COS - 04: Android Software Developer (m/f/d) Germany - Ulm
Subcontractor - COS - 14: Software Release Manager (m/f/d) Android Automotive Systems Germany - Ulm
Subcontractor - COS - 15: Software Developer (m/f/d) Continuous Integration Germany - Ulm
Subcontractor - COS - 16: Software Integrator (m/f/d) Android Automotive Systems Germany - Ulm
Subcontractor - IFS - 01: Engineer (m/f/d) for AUTOSAR SW projects Germany - München
Subcontractor - IFS - 03: Software Developer (m/f/d) Germany - Radolfzell
Subcontractor - IFS - BOT: general On request
Subcontractor - ISS - 08: Scrum Master (Nearshore) On request
Subcontractor - UEX - 02 - Systemingenieur Germany - Braunschweig
Subcontractor - UEX - 04 Projektverantwortlicher Germany - Braunschweig
Subcontractor - VAL - 01: SW Engineer for Automation Testing (m/f/d) for Middleware & Integration Germany - Berlin
Subcontractor - VAL - 02: Senior Integration and Test Engineer (m/f/d) for classic AUTOSAR Germany - Erlangen
Subcontractor - VAL - 03: Senior Project Manager (m/f/d) for EB Assist & HiL solutions (ADAS data measurement/replay) Germany - Braunschweig, Germany - Erlangen, Germany - Ingolstadt
Subcontractor - VAL - 04: Senior Test Engineer (m/w/d) Infotainment Germany - Braunschweig
Subcontractor - VAL - 05: Field Application Engineer (m/w/d)Automotive Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Technology Germany - Böblingen, Germany - Ulm
Subcontractor - VAL - 18: Senior Test Expert/ Developer (m/f/d) for high-performance ECUs Germany - Erlangen
Subcontractor - VAL - 19: Senior Linux Test Engineer (m/f/d) for high-Performance ECUs Germany - Erlangen
Subcontractor - VAL - 20: Test Expert / Developer (m/f/d) for high-performance ECUs Germany - Erlangen